Antalya in Türkiye

Antalya in Türkiye

Antalya in Türkiye

Antalya in Türkiye is one of the most charming cities in Turkey, as we will see in this article from Ebla Real Estate.


Antalya in Türkiye


Information about Antalya in Turkey:

Antalya is a city in southern Turkey on the Mediterranean coast with a population of 1,200,000 people within its metropolitan area which reaches 2 million. Its location at the center of Turkey’s tourist industry makes it one of the most visited cities in Europe. It has been described as “the most beautiful city of the Turkish Riviera”.

It is bordered by Oguzha Bay to the north, the Taurus Mountains to the west and south, and by the Mediterranean Sea to the east. The city was founded as Attaleia in 762 BC by the Kingdom of Pergamon. The original name was changed several times over various stages of history, until finally being rendered as its current version in 1930.

Antalya in Türkiye


Tourism in Antalya in Türkiye:

The types of tourism in Antalya vary from marine, mountainous, summer, winter, health, sports, and religious tourism, in addition to tourism for conferences and cultural festivals, camping tourism and many recreational activities.

Additionally, Antalya ranked fourth in the most visited cities in 2010, and its airport has set records in the number of visitors many times. 

Undoubtedly, the city has plenty of five-star hotels, resorts, and entertainment venues, which attract tourists from all around the world. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Antalya are:

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Antalya:

Cleopatra Beach near the Alanya Castle tops the list of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya. It’s located on the west of the peninsula and consists of a sandy and pebble beach. You can rent sun beds on site or alternatively bring your own towel.

Lara beach, Antalya:

Lara Beach is a famous beach resort set in a beautiful environment with great hotels with all the necessary tourist facilities. The name of the resort comes from its beautiful golden sandy beach. The resort is also popular for its beautiful beaches and the world’s biggest sandcastle competition during the summer months.

Konyaaltı Beach:

Konyaaltı Beach is located to the west of Antalya’s old town. A coastal road separates the 1 kilometer-long sand and pebble beach from the hotels on the other side. So, there are all the more attractions on the wide beach, which are primarily for entertainment. Its most popular and lively section is Beach Park.

Antalya Waterfalls:

Antalya has many charming waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists such as Duden Antalya Waterfalls which consist of upper and lower waterfalls on the Duden River, and these waterfalls were named after this river. Also, there are Lara Antalya Waterfalls which are about forty-meters high, and the Manavgat Antalya Waterfalls which are one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Turkey.

Antalya Waterfalls

Antalya Museum:

The Antalya Museum, or Antalya Archeology Museum, is the most important and famous museum in the city.

The Antalya Museum is one of the largest archeology museums in Turkey and is very special as it holds the traces of three of the largest ancient regions: Lycia, Pamphylia, and Pisidia.


This is the nucleus of a city which embraced many civilizations during time. It is now restored and has become the most attractive touristy center with its hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities.

Moreover, the old city (Kaleici) contains many archaeological sites and heritage monuments that attract visitors from all over the world.

Antalya Aquarium:

The Antalya Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. In a total of 64 tanks and 40 thematic aquariums, you can see about 5,000 fish and underwater creatures. Particularly impressive is the world’s largest tunnel aquarium.

It’s a 131-meter-long and 3-meter-wide tunnel that passes under the tanks and makes you feel as if you are swimming with the sharks. The aquarium’s integrated snow world has a constant temperature of -5 degrees even in midsummer and features ice sculptures.

Antalya Aquarium

The Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek, Antalya:

The Land of Legends is a huge entertainment park located near Belek, about 1 kilometer away from the coast. It’s the most popular theme park in the whole Antalya region and attracts close to 2 million people each year from all around the world.

With its numerous attractions, including the fairy tale castle, a huge water park, and an exciting adventure park, the Land of Legends is a great place to experience entertaining moments.


Economy in Antalya in Türkiye:

In the city of Antalya, tourism, commerce and agriculture are at the forefront of economic activities, whereas industry has also shown progress in the recent period.


The commercial sector in Antalya occupies a prominent position. It is estimated at 34% of the total income, and exports and imports with European Union countries are estimated at 67% of exports and 60% of imports. Besides, the largest free trade region was established in Antalya.


The industry in Antalya has witnessed great development in recent years. The Organized Industrial Zone covers on an area of ​​664 hectares.


The agricultural sector occupies a very important place in Antalya. It is one of the large sources of income that support the economy in the region. Antalya has a large proportion of arable land with a suitable climatic environment for many agricultural products, which constitute a good proportion of Turkey’s total products. Among the agricultural products in Antalya, we mention: apples, oranges, bananas, potatoes and cucumbers, in addition to agricultural crops such as wheat, barley and lentils.


Antalya is an ideal place for various investments, especially residential and tourism. It attracts a huge number of foreign investors, especially Europeans.

In addition, the urban transformation projects are growing rapidly in Antalya.. Represented by many tourist resorts, hotels, and luxury residential and commercial complexes.


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