After-Sales Service

After-sales service.. As an experienced certified real estate company in Turkey; we are not just taking care of our clients during the sale, but we also provide them with the necessary services after the sale.

after-sales services

The features of after-sales service of Ebla:

We provide advice and legal consultations, which make the client feel safe and comfortable. Undoubtedly, this is the most important feature that customers and clients need.

Moreover, we provide full support to help the client to make the right decisions throughout the process.

Furthermore, we provide consultation about the practical and logistical aspects of the real estate and solve problems if any.

Ebla Real Estate is considered a reliable source for real estate management. Thus, the property owner can spend most of the time outside Turkey while our company manages his house or his real estate investment.

During the recent years, we have presented after-sales service for many of our customers and we have met all their requirements and needs.

Additionally, we provide our valued customers with everything they need before residence and investment. Thus, our services are not limited to a specific period of time. However, they include before, during and after the sale.


After-Sale Services:

  • Changing the meters of (water, electricity, gas).
  • Reviewing the specialized departments and hand over a copy of the title deed.
  • Maintenance of the house and make the necessary modifications if desired.
  • Reselling the property if desired.
  • Paying the bills and taxes related to the property
  • Investing through renting the property.

Undoubtedly, the house needs maintenance during your absence from the property. Moreover, in case we face any problem during our regular follow-up processes, our team will inform you immediately, and take the necessary measures after you give them the approval.

Ebla Group Real Estate also provides customers with the service of renovating homes or building properties according to the required designs and specifications.

In addition, Ebla Real Estate extracts all the permits for the project and presents a detailed study for each step, in cooperation with a group of experienced Arabic, Turkish and English-speaking architects in the Turkish real estate sector.

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