Ebla Real Estate

 About Ebla Real Estate:

Ebla Real Estate is one of the leading companies in the world of real estates and real estate investments at the foreign company level in the Republic of Turkey.

Furthermore, it effectively contributed to the development and management of real estate, and investment and tourism projects.

Moreover, with its efficiencies, experts and hard work in real estate investments, it was able to prove itself as one of the most prominent real estate and investment companies.

Indeed, for its forward-looking view, the company has established its headquarters in Bursa city, due to the strategic, geographical and touristic features of Bursa city in the field of real estate development.

Moreover, the company started its investment activities, and obtained a license in real estate consultancy and real estate marketing in Bursa, in cooperation with the best Turkish companies.

Furthermore, the company has a special group of employees, competencies and unique staff of real estate professionals, real estate marketers and translators.

The most prominent services and activities of Ebla Group Real Estate for their clients and customers:

  • Providing real estate consultancy.
  • Guiding clients to make the right decision after presenting a detailed study of the real estate project.
  • Providing solutions and suggestions for the real estate consultants and investors.
  • Carrying out real estate tours with customers and buyers to inspect real estate projects, buildings and properties closely in addition to present a study and adequate explanations.
  • Saving the time and trouble of searching due to the company’s efforts for the convenience of customers.
  • Providing the necessary information about the property.
  • Providing legal and correct real estate appraisal.
  • Protecting the clients of being subject to fraud.
  • After-sales service and providing the necessary services that relate to the real estate from the practical, legal and administrative aspects.
  • Taking care of the real estate in the absence of the customer.
  • Adopting the citizenship file for the real estate investor who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  • In addition to many other various services in the fields of real estate investment.

Programs for shaping the future of real estates from Ebla’s point of view:

  • Creating wide investment opportunities in Turkey.
  • Contributing to urban transformation projects.
  • Intensifying efforts and working together to build a distinct strategy in real estate investments.
  • Anticipating changes in the real estate world based on realities.
  • Finding appropriate solutions and presenting creative proposals about the future changes.
  • Working with costumers, clients and real estate investors on the basis of the responsibility; Because this positive strategy brings benefits to the various parties.

Self-enhancement for our company and the belief in excellence and renewal to be the best:

Our commitment to the values and the basic principles in the real estate world are the most important factors that enhance the company’s self. Moreover, they are the key premise to establish the investment projects and determine the nature of the relationship with clients and customers.

That is why clients depend on us, relying on our experience and transparency.

Indeed, it is a responsibility and a trust that we bear on our shoulders.

Furthermore, this is the standard for the sustainability of our development in the Turkish real estate and investment sector.

“We aspire to permanent advancement and sustainability”

Through the elements:
  • Commitment and teamwork.
  • Renewal and innovation.
  • positive competitiveness that based on the principle of creativity.

About Ebla Real Estate

Thus, we want to make Ebla Real Estate, in word and deed, a leading real estate services company at the level of Turkey

based on vitality and creative visions in the field of real estate investments.

Along with our partners, we aim to make an impactful change by continuing to do all our services and the striving to provide the best to our customers and help them to make the right decisions

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