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Bursa real estate – apartments for sale in Bursa

Real estate for sale in Bursa is the key to discovering a historical city of great importance in Turkey. Therefore, the demand for buying properties in Bursa has increased, especially by Arab investors who consider Bursa as a favorite vacation spot. Moreover, Thanks to the easy transportation to Istanbul and the other Turkish cities, Bursa becomes the ideal choice for people looking to buy real estate in Bursa for investment and stability.


What is the cost of buying an apartment in Bursa?

The cost of buying real estate in Bursa ranges from 75,000$ for luxurious and modern two-bedroom apartments, and it is up to 350,000$ for spacious homes with 5 – 6 bedrooms. It is worth noting that prices of properties in Bursa are low and reasonable compared to prices in Istanbul and other major cities. Moreover, real estate prices in Bursa are constantly increasing due to the increasing demand for them.


Is buying apartments in Bursa a successful investment opportunity?

Bursa is a perfect city for investing in the real estate sector as it is one of the important cities in the Turkish economy. It currently produces more than 5% of the total materials and services in Türkiye. It is also the second highest exporting province in the country after Istanbul. Furthermore, textiles and the automotive industry are among the main industries in Bursa, Turkey. in addition, Bursa enjoys a strategic location on the Sea of ​​Marmara and Uludag Mountains. Moreover, it is famous for its advanced infrastructure, urban transformation and urban expansion.

Bursa offers a lot of profitable real estate opportunities, where investors can find affordable properties compared to other cities. Thus, they can get great returns. Moreover, there are many options, including furnished apartments, residential apartments, shops and others

Furthermore, there are attractive investment opportunities in industrial and commercial real estate in Bursa, which provide high gains.


Is the cost of living in Bursa cheap?

The cost of living in Bursa in general is not expensive for foreigners from the European Union, the United States of America and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It is affordable despite the strong economy and urban prosperity of the city. Thus, Bursa in Turkey offers unique properties with high-quality specifications at reasonable prices.

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