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Real Estate Turkey – Ebla Real Estate helps the values clients to find the perfect property in Turkey in general and in Bursa in particular for the purposes of investment and residence.

real estate

Real estate is the land with any additions attached to it, whether they were natural or man-made

including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, bridges.

In spite of the size and complexity of the market, many people tend to think that

the real estate sector consists only of brokers and salespeople. Many professional

officers and companies including engineers, banks, property insurance companies, surveyors,

lawyers, and others rely on the real estate sector.

Real estates

It is an important engine of economic growth in Turkey, based on the statistics issued

by the Turkish Statistical Center on the number of sold housing units that were built annually,

such as independent houses (villas) or residential complexes that contain several housing units.

Investors and economic analysts in Turkey are closely monitoring the operations of housing

construction because the numbers can provide important information about the direction of

the economy in Turkey, for example, if the construction companies are heading towards building

residential complexes, it indicates a shortage of apartments in the real estate market which will lead

to an increase in the prices of apartments and thus a rise in the economic indicator in the country.

Undoubtedly, we at Ebla Group Real Estate, and through our presence in the Turkish real estate

sector and working on marketing and development in Turkey, can help you to own

property in Turkey, choose the right location for investment, manage the investments

and redevelop the property in proportion to your requirements professionally and safely within

the terms and conditions set in the real estate ownership law in Turkey  And through a group

of engineers and consultants accredited to Turkish government institutions.

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