Real Estate Consultancy and Tours

Undoubtedly, in the world of real estates, real estate consultancy and tours are among the priorities and basics of real estate investment in the practical and real field in the real estate world.

Real Estate Consultancy


The concept of real estate consultancy and real estate tours:

Real estate counseling:

It is the request of the client or the trainee for consultation regarding properties and real estate investments, or providing culture and information about Real estate.

Moreover, consultation should be based on experience and knowledge to recognize the right decision from the wrong one.

Real estate tours:

Inspecting and observing projects and real estate constructions in addition to the different forms of real estate investments.

Moreover, during the tours, the real estate agent presents detailed explanations about the property or the real estate project.

The importance of real estate consultancy and tours that provides from Ebla Group Real Estate:

  • Providing appropriate solutions to real estate investors or clients, for all obstacles facing the client since the moment he thinks of real estates until he gets massive investment.
  • Reducing and saving time to buyers and customers. As well as saving a lot of troubles and efforts of searching for a property, house or shop.
  • The right opinion that we give to the client to choose the right property or the right real estate investment.
  • The experience of our real estate consultants that reflects positively on clients and real estate investors
  • Providing adequate information and detailed explanations about the property.
  • Services related to prices and discounts regarding real estate of all kinds.
  • Avoiding the buyer or the real estate investor from being vulnerable to fraud. In addition to avoiding them from falling in troubles of all kinds during his real estate dealings. That is because of our staff’s long-term experience in the real estate world

Objectives of real estate consultancy and tours:

  • Service objectives:

Real estate consultancy and tours (if we ignore the marketing objective) are services that are provided to costumers, clients and real estate consultants for free.

The advanced real estate world, go beyond the physical and promotional level to a higher and broader perspective. Furthermore, it contributes to provide the mentality of people with cultural, strategic and developmental information in the field of real estate

  • Field objectives:

Real estate consultancy and tours provide detailed information, help the client to observe all parties concerned with the property, and reveal ambiguity. Thus, that helps the clients to adopt the appropriate opinion and make the right decision.

Undoubtedly, it is not possible for the real estate investor to gain experience and recognize the competencies without going into the real estate field. In addition, it is not possible to practice the real estate profession without socializing with real estate consultants on the ground.

  • Marketing Objectives:

The real estate consultancy and tours with their service objectives and experienced field practices are ultimately for the benefit of real estate promotion and marketing, buying and selling.

Consultancy and real estate tours provided by Ebla Group Real Estate:

We at Ebla Group Real Estate are always keen to provide the best services to our clients in the real estate sector.

Furthermore, according to Turkish law, we have been granted (a responsible and certified real estate consultant license) as one of the first Arab companies specialized in real estate  consultancy and marketing in Turkey.

Ebla has a long experience in the real estate field.

The real estate consultancy team at Ebla Group Real Estate ensures that the consultations reflect all the main details and information related to the future ownership of the property, marketing and managing any real estate project.

Our services are not limited to real estate consultancy only. However, we work to receive our clients who wish to enter the real estate sector in Turkey from the airport. In addition, we provide after sale services.

Additionally, we provide facilities and interpreters in more than one language.

Furthermore, we help them to meet all their needs and assist them in the administrative and legal transactions.

Among the most prominent services related to the real estate consultancy provided by our company:

  • Providing the clients with information about the Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it by owning a property.
  • Providing complete information about the property regarding the mortgage.
  • Also, providing a comparison of real estates in order to determine the accurate and competitive market prices.
  • Create lists of suitable properties for investment based on the price and the objective of real estate ownership.
  • Providing advice to sellers on how to make their homes look more attractive to buyers.
  • Guiding buyers and sellers during the sale and purchase transaction.
  • Real estate brokerage in the negotiations between buyers and sellers.
  • Preparing all required papers, including official contracts.
  • Presenting all purchase offers to sellers.

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