The Management of Real Estate properties

The Management of Real Estate Properties.. Real estate is one of the most profitable investment experiences, as the prices of buildings and lands are constantly rising. Moreover, everyone has the ability to enter the real estate market. However, managing real estate is not as easy as it seems.

The Management of Real Estate properties


Successful real estate property management requires planning, strategies and continuous follow-up of the real estate market. The competition between real estate companies in the management of assets is increasing. Thus, we at Ebla Group Real Estate will provide the required steps to manage real estate in Turkey.


What is real estate management?

The term (real estate management) refers to the process of supervising and managing real estate by real estate management companies. Moreover, it usually involves the management of real estate properties that are owned by individuals or companies.

These properties can be residential, commercial and industrial. Furthermore, they are usually investment properties such as apartments, independent houses, residential units and shopping malls. Real estate managers act on behalf of the owner to maintain the real estate property at the investment stage.

The real estate manager is considered the owner’s partner, they both work to increase the return of the investment of the property. Additionally, the company of the real estate management works in the interest of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied by the tenants, collect rents, improve the budget, and keep records.

We at Ebla Group Real Estate are working to change the concept of real estate property management beyond the perception of the management of real estate properties that means rent, lease, rent receipt and routine maintenance.

We also strive to find solutions that would meet the needs of our clients who do not have enough time to manage their real estate properties. In addition, our focus in the management of real estate properties goes beyond what others expect, to include a wide range of administrative and investment services.


The concept of the management of real estate properties according to Ebla Real Estate:

  • Marketing and finding tenants/buyers.
  • Signing lease contracts on behalf of real estate owners.
  • Collecting rents.
  • Maintaining real estate properties.
  • Periodic maintenance and undertake the necessary repairs for the property.
  • Preparing budget reports periodically.
  • Follow up on eviction procedures when needed.

Thus, Ebla real estate’s mission is to achieve the best services in managing the real estate properties of our clients in the best way to reach the desired goal of real estate ownership in Turkey.


 Ebla Real Estate services:

  • Real estate investment in accordance with the legal terms and conditions in Turkey.
  • We work to increase the investment return by reducing administrative costs to a minimum while maintaining the quality of the service.
  • Moreover, we keep the property rented throughout the year.
  • Furthermore, we provide some free services to the investors.
  • Additionally, we provide professional maintenance that would preserve the real estate properties at the lowest costs.
  • In addition, we review the official departments and follow up on the annual taxes incurred on the property.


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