Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We welcome all our valued customers in Ebla Group Real Estate website

In addition to the website’s visitors for the purpose of learning and providing intellectual, guiding and practical information.

We would like to inform you that your browsing of Ebla Group Real Estate website

includes your tacit approval to the terms and criteria for using Ebla Group Real Estate website

Moreover, the valued visitors should review the privacy policy of our website and work according to it.

Terms of use of Ebla Group Real Estate website: 


Ebla Group Real Estate website contains various information, general studies

in addition to research in the field of real estate investments and investments and economic and marketing corners.

 Moreover, those materials presented on our website are available to all visitors and customers to look at and benefit from.

Despite Ebla Group Real Estate team seeks to be precise of handling and processing all information on our website;

we note that no party has the right to hold the website management any responsibility for the materials, information and numbers on our website.

If we take into account the influence factor, time change and the need to infer from the competent sources.

Additionally, as the information on the website is of a general nature, some errors may appear and may inadvertently omitted.

Despite the company’s best efforts to publish the information correctly and accurately, the company will correct those errors as soon as it finds any.

Therefore, the company is not responsible for compensating for any damages or losses caused directly or indirectly as a result of any information on the website, even if that information was wrong or inadvertently dropped.

Of course, all information on this website is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances or private matters of any individual or specific entity.

Moreover, the visitor’s misunderstanding of the material published on the site is not considered.


Undoubtedly, your use or application of any materials or information available on the pages of our website is your absolute personal responsibility

Additionally, the management of the website has nothing to do with this action

So all the consequences and what results from it will be your responsibility alone.


Ebla Group Real Estate website contains owned and licensed materials specifically for the management of the website;

So it is not permissible for anyone to attack them by transferring, quoting or imitation

Such as, real estate and investment studies and researches, designs affiliated with our website or logos of Ebla Group Real Estate Company

under penalty of legal accountability and Intellectual Property Protection Act.


We note and emphasize that the wrong use or infringement of intellectual property rights and 

copyrights of Ebla website by users in bad faith; it exposes them to legal accountability.


You may sometimes find on some pages of our website links to other websites with the intention of providing readers and visitors with valuable and useful information

but Ebla website disclaims responsibility for its accuracy, background, goals and projects.


Visitors may create external links that lead to Ebla Group Real Estate website

without taking permission from the website management.


Visitors have the right to submit their observations and express their opinions

and assessments within ethical, scientific and humanitarian limits and standards.


It is not permissible for anyone, for any reason and in any way to use the website

for comments that violate morals and human values or related to political or ethnic tensions, 

and the website disclaims responsibility for any encroachment in this regard and that exposes who did it to criminal and civil liability.


Nobody can use the materials and content of the website for purposes contrary to the laws, customs and public morals.


Your wrongful use of Ebla Group Real Estate website in a way that is inconsistent with our

 terms of use, and in the event of dispute it is subject to the laws followed in the Republic of

 Turkey, especially as the Turkish Intellectual Property Protection Law 5846 and the Personal

 Data Protection Law and any laws in force within the territory of the Republic of Turkey as well

 as international laws in general.


The visitor has the right to quote information, deal with and circulate research and articles of Ebla Group Real Estate website;

Provided that it is not used for commercial or marketing purposes and that it is not plagiarized and attributed to himself.


The contents of Ebla Group Real Estate website pages are subject to change at any time without notice to you by the website management.

Legal considerations and necessary alerts for visitors of Ebla Group Real Estate website:

The legal team at Ebla Group Real Estate Company will submit a written complaint to the

 competent judicial authority for trademark rights and intellectual creations, and a mail

 complaint to Google;

In the event that any party within the territory of the Republic of Turkey or on the Internet has

 copied, published or used any textual, video or other content from our website for commercial,

 promotional or marketing purposes without the prior written permission of Ebla Group Real

 Estate company.

Any person or entity that has used Ebla Group Real Estate brand for commercial or marketing

 purposes, immoral purposes or in violation of social, international and humanitarian laws and


Ebla’s legal team will, in accordance with the rights of our company approved by the Turkish

 government, direct and file a lawsuit to the Turkish competent judicial authority and any

 international judicial authority competent in the rights of registered trademarks and intellectual

 creations, and to claim compensation for material and moral damages resulting from the use

 and impersonation of the company.

When needed or necessary, we are pleased to contact you….

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