Exceptional Turkish citizenship, how to obtain it?

Exceptional Turkish citizenship

Exceptional Turkish citizenship, how to obtain it

Exceptional Turkish citizenship has been granted to some foreign citizens. To know about the exceptional Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it, read this article from Ebla Real Estate.


Exceptional Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it

Exceptional Turkish citizenship:

It is the citizenship that foreign citizens who are in Turkey obtain exceptionally in special cases, without fulfilling the basic conditions for obtaining it.

Who is granted exceptional Turkish citizenship?

Undoubtedly, there are no specific criteria for granting exceptional Turkish citizenship, as there are some people obtained Turkish citizenship without fulfilling any conditions and without having any distinctive qualifications. However, we will mention some cases that may qualify their holders to obtain exceptional Turkish nationality, including:

  • Students.

  • Traders and businessmen.

  • People who possess scientific competencies.

  • In addition to people who perform exceptional services in the scientific, social, technological, economic, sports, artistic and cultural fields.


Required documents to apply for the exceptional Turkish citizenship:

After you have been informed to apply for Turkish citizenship, you will be given a paper containing the papers and documents that need to be prepared and submitted during the interview date. These documents are:

  1. The identity of all family members.

  2. Family book or a translated and certified family statement.

  3. Birth certificates for children born in Turkey.

  4. University certificate translated and certified (if any).

  5. Residence address document.

  6. A non-judgmental document for the husband, wife and children over the age of 18.

  7. Biometric photos of each person in the family.

  8. Employment contract (for work permit holders).

  9. The certificate of the Social Cohesion and Life Education program in Turkey.

  10. In addition to the fee payment receipt.

Then, an interview is held with the couple. In the interview, the employee asks the couple some simple questions and inquiries about work, residence, and so on. Then, the nationality file follow-up number will be sent to the husband and wife’s phones.


Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for investors:

  1. Buying a property in Turkey worth 400.000$ and not to sell it for 3 years.

  2. Deposit 500,000$ in a Turkish bank, or buy government bonds of the same value, provided that they remain for three years.

  3. Moreover, investors can obtain it by employing 100 Turkish workers in a company.

  4. Investing in a Turkish company with a value of at least two million dollars.

  5. Through marrying a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and the marriage continues.

Exceptional Turkish citizenship for foreigners

Thus, we talked about the Exceptional Turkish nationality. Moreover, we provided information about the other ways to obtain it.

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