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Questions related to Turkish citizenship:

1- How can I obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

You can obtain Turkish citizenship if you own a property worth 250,000 USD.

2- Can I sell the property after obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

You can not sell the property until three years have passed from the date of purchase.

3- Do I have the right to invest the property during the three-year period?

Yes, you have the right to use the property

whether for housing or for tourism and commercial investment.

Questions related to real estate ownership:

1- What are the conditions for real estate ownership in Turkey?

Foreigners have the right to own real estate in Turkey without restrictions or conditions

except in some special cases for citizens of some countries that fall under the name of reciprocity

which does not give the Turkish citizen the right to own property.

2- Can I own part of the property?

Yes, you can own part of the property, regardless of its size or area, in partnership with one or several people.

3- Can I obtain residency in case of real estate ownership?

Yes, you are entitled to obtain real estate residency in Turkey in the event of ownership.

General questions:

1- What are the largest cities in Turkey?

Istanbul is the first city in Turkey in terms of population density

2- Does the foreigner have the right to education in Turkey?

Yes, education is a right for all who are on Turkish territory.

3- Can a foreigner obtain a Turkish driver’s license?

Yes, a foreigner is entitled to obtain a Turkish driver’s license after completing the legal conditions.

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