Ready to move property in Bursa Turkey

العقارات الجاهزة في بورصة

Ready to move property in Bursa Turkey

To buy a ready to move property in Bursa Turkey is one of the best and most successful investment projects that attract foreign investors as it has many advantages as we will see in this article from Ebla Real Estate.


Ready to move property in Bursa Turkey


Ready to move property in Bursa Turkey:

Ready to move property in Bursa Turkey is that property which is complete and is ready for occupancy. Moreover, it is the property that the buyer or investor who wants to own real estate in Turkey can see, examine and evaluate it on the basis of its current stable situation.

Those wishing to invest in real estate and establish a successful project by all standards can buy a ready-to-move-in property in Bursa. Investors can examine all the details of the properties including the view, decorations, finishes and others on the ground to choose the most suitable property.


Advantages of buying a ready to move property in Bursa Turkey:

  1. The buyer can instantly move into the new house and immediately can get the title deed.
  2. Moreover, there are no risks of delayed possession.
  3. Furthermore, the buyer can see and inspect the final outcome.
  4. A foreign citizen can obtain real estate residence in Turkey when he buys a ready-made property in Bursa worth 75,000$.
  5. Additionally, Ready-to-move real estate is the best option for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship in case the price of this property fulfills the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.


The best area to buy a ready to move property:

Osmangazi district of Bursa: It is the largest and richest central area in Bursa. It is located in the center of Bursa and is the beating heart of it. Osmangazi offers various options of apartments and various options of prices suitable for everyone. However, if you want to invest, you must buy the apartment in modern urban projects and places of expansion and urban transformation in Osmangazi.

Nilufer district of Bursa: It is also among the best areas to buy a ready-made property in Bursa. It is one of the most prestigious areas in Bursa. Nilufer has a large number of luxury residential projects and buildings. Moreover, it is one the most attractive regions for local and Arab investors.

Mudanya district of Bursa: It is characterized by its charming sea views. It offers some of the best ready to move apartments in Bursa.


It is worth noting that Ebla Real Estate offers modern ready to move properties in Bursa. For the best options of real estate, do not hesitate to contact us.

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