Cybercrime in Turkey

Cybercrime in Turkey

Cybercrime in Turkey

Turkish law pays great attention to cybercrime in Turkey as it is the most common at the present time. In this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about the types of cybercrime in Turkey and how to deal with them.


Cybercrime in Turkey


Cybercrime in Turkey:

The fact that information technologies are still developing is the main reason why a generally accepted definition has not been made in terms of “cybercrime”. Considering these developments, the concepts in the field of cybercrimes have been defined in general terms and have been left open to be adapted to changes that may occur in the future.

To make a general definition, cybercrimes, also known as computer crimes, are crimes committed by targeting the security of an information system (e.g., communication devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets), the data contained in it, or the people using these. systems, and also by using an information system.

In order to qualify a crime as a cybercrime, it must have been committed through an information system, therefore these crimes are specific to information systems and the Internet.


The most common types of cybercrime in Turkey:

Internet Fraud:

Internet fraud is a type of cybercrime that makes use of the internet and it can be considered a general term that groups all of the crimes that happen over the internet like spam, banking frauds, theft of service, etc.

internet fraud in turkey

Phishing and Scam:

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack that targets the user and tricks them by sending fake messages and emails to get sensitive information about the user or trying to download malicious software and exploit it on the target system.

Identity Theft:

Identity theft occurs when a cybercriminal uses another person’s personal data.. Like credit card numbers or personal photos without their permission to commit a fraud or a crime.

Ransomware Attack:

Ransomware attacks are a very common type of cybercrime. It is a type of malware that has the ability to prevent users from accessing all of their personal data on the system by encrypting them and then asking for a ransom in order to give access to the encrypted data.

Hacking/Misusing Computer Networks:

This term refers to the crime of unauthorized access to private computers or networks and misuse of it either by shutting it down or tampering with the data stored or other illegal approaches.

Hacking Bank Accounts:

The process of hacking bank accounts, stealing their cards, or using them without the knowledge of their owners is one of the cybercrimes in Turkey.

Social Media Frauds

The use of social media fake accounts to perform any kind of harmful activities.. Like impersonating other users or sending intimidating or threatening messages. And one of the easiest and most common social media frauds is email spam.

Software Piracy

Software piracy is the illegal use or copy of paid software with violation of copyrights or license restrictions.


How to avoid the cybercrime in Turkey:

  • Keep software and operating systems updated.
  • Use anti-virus software and keep it updated.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Never open attachments in spam emails.
  • Do not click on links in spam emails or untrusted websites.
  • Do not give out personal information unless secure.
  • Keep an eye on your bank statements.
  • Be mindful of which website URLs you visit.

Cybercrime in Turkey


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