Does buying a house in Turkey make you happier?

buying a house in Turkey

Does buying a house in Turkey make you happier?

Does buying a house in Turkey make you happier? What are the benefits and advantages of buying a house in Turkey, which made this matter the focus of attention of residents and investors in Turkey? We will talk about all of that in this article from Ebla Real Estate.



An introduction:

Buying a house in Turkey has become a real priority for those who want to live in Turkey or establish an investment project in a safe environment as there are many opportunities and projects in Turkey that attract buyers. 


Buying a house in Turkey makes you happier for many reasons:

Undoubtedly, buying property in Turkey is an attractive option for foreigners due to its accessibility, affordability, and growth potential. Moreover, Turkey has always been a preferred country with its natural and cultural richness, developed transportation network, geopolitical location, developed transportation network, tourism, trade, entertainment, transportation. Thus, buying a house in Turkey makes you happier for many reasons:

The cost of buying a house in Turkey is low:

The real estate sector in Turkey offers very luxurious and modern houses at reasonable prices compared to Europe and neighboring countries. And most of these houses have luxurious social facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and gyms in addition to smart home technologies.

Thus, Turkey’s low house prices have enabled many people to pay for their property upfront without a mortgage or bank credit as Turkey has a great range of properties suitable for all budgets.

Obtaining a residence permit and Turkish citizenship:

Foreigners who buy a property worth 75,000$ in major cities, or 50.000$ in medium and small cities have the right to obtain real estate residence in Turkey. Thus, they will live, reside, invest in Turkey, do business and carry out daily activities without experiencing problems.

Moreover, foreigners who buy a property in Turkey worth 400.000 $ have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship. Thus, they will obtain a Turkish passport and benefit from its advantages.

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Feel comfortable and safe:

People have a need for stability, community and neighborhood, which owning a home in Turkey can provide. Furthermore, staying in your own home in Turkey makes your family feel comfortable as Turkey is a safe environment to raise a family. Moreover, it is a good idea to have a place in Turkey where you do not worry about rent.

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Low cost of living in Turkey:

The cost of living in Turkey is low, as there are many options available to suit all financial capabilities and different tastes. Moreover, there are markets and commercial centers that contain varied products to meet all needs, spread everywhere in Turkey. 

Further, the costs of living, studying and treatment in Turkey are low and encourage many people to live in Turkey with their families.

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A luxurious life-style:

Houses in Turkey are distinguished by their vital locations and charming panoramic views, in addition to their service and recreational facilities and the surrounding green spaces. All of that provides a luxurious life-style to all residents.

Developed infrastructure in Turkey:

One of the reasons to buy a house anywhere is the availability of the necessary infrastructure and lower transportation costs. Turkey has undergone growth in basic infrastructures. Moreover, the cultural renaissance of infrastructure projects in Turkey extends to all aspects of life.


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