How to learn the Turkish language

How to learn the Turkish language

How to learn the Turkish language

The simplest way to belong to a civilization is to learn the language of that civilization. Thus, many residents and tourists in Turkey are looking forward to learning Turkish. Therefore, in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about how to learn the Turkish language.


How to learn the Turkish language


The importance of learning Turkish language:

  • With the Turkish language, you will learn about Turkish culture and traditions.
  • Moreover, you will receive better service from locals and get access to more opportunities.
  • It would also make you loved by most Turks as you can communicate with them using their own language.
  • Turkey is a perfect place for studying as there are some great Turkish Universities with world-class education. Thus, foreigners can complete their education in one of the best countries.
  • Furthermore, Turkey is an attractive destination for investors, traders and entrepreneurs. Thus, Turkish is necessary if you’re willing to establish your first company, or to extend your current one.
  • There are a lot of career opportunities available for foreigners in different fields in Turkey; As most Turks can only speak Turkish, being able to speak 2 or more languages ​​(with Turkish being one of them) makes you a preferred candidate.
  • Being able to communicate with natives using their language would save you a lot of time trying to explain in any different language.
  • Mastering Turkish also prevent you from being deceived by a lot of cheaters who seize the opportunity when they know you don’t know Turkish

How to learn the Turkish language


Ways to learn the Turkish language:

  • Learn Turkish online as there are many educational websites and applications to study and learn the Turkish language online.
  • Check these Turkish YouTube Channels.
  • Watch a lot of Turkish series and movies.
  • Use Turkish study books and look up new words in Turkish dictionaries to learn.
  • Moreover, one of the best ways to learn Turkish easily is to join a Turkish language course.
  • In addition, many language experts recommend immersion as the fastest way to become fluent in Turkish; move to Turkey and have every interaction in Turkish.

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Turkish language learning levels:

Beginner Level:

The beginner stage encompasses levels A1 and A2. Once you complete the beginner level, you can carry out daily conversations and perform tasks such as introducing yourself, shopping, asking and answering simple questions, and meeting your urgent requirements. Moreover, you will know some basic nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

Intermediate Level:

It consists of the B1 and B2 levels. Once you complete the intermediate level, you can (to a certain degree) speak and understand Turkish, read newspapers and articles in Turkish, and even think in Turkish. Moreover, you will know more vocabulary and be familiar with some of the tenses used in Turkish.

Advanced Level:

The advanced level consists of the C1 and C2 levels. Once you complete the advanced level, you can carry out deeper conversations about culture, science, art, literature, and politics. Moreover, you can engage in more complex situations, such as trade or business-related exchanges.


Turkish language centers for students:

In various Turkish universities, there is a special department for learning the Turkish language for foreign students. And these centers are called Tömer. It is characterized by a high quality of teaching methods. Moreover, it qualifies the student to start university studies. Among the best universities that teach the Turkish language are Sultan Mehmet Fatih University in Istanbul, Aydin University in Istanbul, Uskudar University in Istanbul, Uludag University in Bursa.


Thus, through the previous article from Ebla Real Estate, we talked about how to learn the Turkish language and its importance, as well as the best ways to learn and master it well.


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