Invest a small amount in Turkey

Invest a small amount in Turkey

Invest a small amount in Turkey – The Most Important Ways to Invest Small Amount of Money in Turkey

The Turkish market has become one of the most attractive markets for Arab and Western investors, as the volume of foreign investments in Turkey is rising significantly, especially since the Turkish government supports foreign investments and provides facilitates. Moreover, investing in Turkey is regarded as the most advantageous tool to make high profits even with a small amount of money. Therefore, in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about investing in Turkey and how to invest a small amount of money in Turkey.



An introduction:

The investment market in Turkey began to flourish in conjunction with political and economic stability. This made the country a major attraction for foreign investments from Arab and foreign investors who started to move to the investment market in Turkey. Some investors in Turkey invest with a large amount of money and some of them invest with a small amount.


The best ways to invest a small amount of money in Turkey:

There are many ways to invest a small amount of money in Turkey, among the most prominent of them are:

Investing in bonds in Turkey:

They are securities with varying financial values. Bonds operate in accordance with the principle of debt. This means that the investor buys the bonds and deferred payment until they are sold for a higher amount. Thus, the investor can make a profit out of the invested amount, and then invest it again or save it.

invest in bonds in Turkey

Investing in stocks in Turkey:

Investing in stocks is a small and distinctive investment. It is a share of funds purchased within the capital of companies and institutions that offer part of its shares to trade to become an investor (shareholder) as a party to the owners of companies or institutions, or as contributors to the growth of capital over time by selling them.

Investing in stocks in Turkey

Investments funds in Turkey:

A group of financial funds that include bonds and stocks that investors buy the base, and then work to invest in according to their own areas, and may be sold later at a price higher than the purchase price. Thus, the concept of investment is applied correctly. Moreover, investment funds usually focus on converting the value of bonds and small stocks to a high value if the investors do not want to sell them at a price higher than the purchase price.

Investments funds in Turkey

Investing in real estate:

It is considered one of the most successful investments, and the largest growth and profitability sectors in Turkey. Investors in Turkey can buy a property in a project under construction in a sought-after area and sell it after the completion of the project at a higher price. Moreover, they can buy an old property at a low price, renovating it, then selling it at a higher price. In addition, it is a good option to buy a ready-made apartment and then lease it to get profits.

houses for sale Turkey


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