The difference between exterior and interior paints

exterior and interior paints

The difference between exterior and interior paints

Paint serves a vital role across construction. It provides a protective coating that allows walls to stand wear and tear from the sun, wind, and outdoor elements. Without paint, buildings, machinery, and homes will begin to rust, scratch, and wither away. Paint manufacturers have classified paint types according to the area of ​​use of the paint such as interior paints, exterior paints. These kinds are made according to the properties and contents of the paint. When starting a painting project, it is important to know the difference between exterior and interior paints to choose the right paint.


exterior and interior paints


An introduction:

It has been common knowledge that painting contributes to the overall look of buildings. In fact, painting is one of the basic elements for construction projects. And for painting professionals, paints have other uses and applications beyond enhancing the entire appearance. That is why it is crucial for the painting professionals to know more about every type of paint’s performance features.


Painting works in Bursa:

The painting work procedure is the finishing item in any construction. Painting affects the total appearance of a building from inside and outside. Therefore, the construction companies in Bursa use the best types of paints. Moreover, the painting works in Bursa are carried out with the great skill of workmanship. Thus, there are many luxurious commercial and residential projects in Bursa with high-quality finishes and modern decorations.

Painting works in Bursa


The difference between exterior and interior paints:

The components of all paints contain pigments, solvents, additives and resins. However, different paints have different properties, and are formulated for different purposes. While there can be many subtle differences, the primary difference between interior and exterior paints is in their choice of resin. In an exterior paint, it is important that the paint can survive temperature changes and being exposed to moisture. For these reasons, the resins used in binding exterior paints must be softer. For interior paint where temperature is not a problem, the binding resins are more rigid, which cuts down on scuffing and smearing.


Characteristics of exterior paint:
  • Exterior paint is exposed to all types of varying weather conditions. Therefore, it is required to provide protection against UltraViolet radiation of the sun as well as fungal growth and of course dampness during the rains and snow.
  • Exterior paints are also made to combat mildew as well as fading. They have to be fade resistant as they face very high temperatures and UV radiation.
  • The resins used for exterior paint can be softer so that they survive temperature changes and ill effects due to exposure to moisture.
  • Exterior paint must be tougher and should be capable of resisting peeling and chipping.
  • Exterior paint is also supposed to resist water hence they are made waterproof.
  • Moreover, exterior paints need sunlight to cure.
  • Further, this paint contains many additives like pesticides and fungicides.
  • Exterior Paints release more VOC as it cures, making it unsafe for indoor use.

exterior paint


Characteristics of interior paint:
  • Interior paint is more to do with aesthetics and decoration purposes.
  • Interior paint is designed to withstand abrasion. Interior paint is also designed to be more delicate than exterior paint because they occupy the same space as you do.
  • Interior paint can be scrubbed and can resist staining. Interior paint is formulated to be more resistant to physical damage.
  • The resins used for interior paint can be firmer because the paint does not have to deal with weather and temperature differences like exterior paint.
  • Interior paints are not fade resistant as they are not subject to extreme temperature conditions.
  • Moreover, interior paints are stain-resistant for hiding brush and roller marks.
  • Interior paint should get cured even without direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Furthermore, this kind does not require additives like pesticides and fungicides.
  • Interior paint is made washable to clean spots and marks that they accidentally get by small kids and pets at home.
  • In addition, this paint should have a low or zero VOC. This is important in preserving the air quality in your home. Low or zero VOC helps to reduce your health risks.


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