The most famous highways in Istanbul

highways in istanbul

Highways in Istanbul – The importance of the highways and main roads in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the cities that witness a great economic and urban prosperity and a modern renaissance at all levels. Moreover, Istanbul is a crowded, high-populated city. The population continues to increase and the city records year after year an increase in the number of used cars, public and private transport companies, as well as the movement of goods and raw materials. Therefore, the highways and the main roads in Istanbul are among the most important highways and roads in the country as we will see in this article from Ebla Real Estate.


The most famous highways in Istanbul


The importance of the highways and main roads in Istanbul:

Istanbul is the meeting point of East and West. It has a developed infrastructure. Thus, it is famous for its roads and highways, which have long had a significant impact on economic and social development.

The highways in Turkey have experienced a revolt in terms of their construction and care as they were built according to the strict European standards in record time to facilitate the movement of life and business in this important strategic city.

Moreover, the effectiveness of Istanbul’s highways is one of the most important factors affecting the economy of the city, investment, tourism, trade and all businesses.

Furthermore, Istanbul’s roads and highways connect the city to the other parts of the country.

Additionally, highways in Istanbul reduce traffic congestion.

The huge network of modern roads in Istanbul meets the aspirations of the city residents. In addition, the government is working hard to develop this network in proportion to the city’s growing density.


The most famous highways in Istanbul:

1. International Route E-5:

E-5 highway is one of the most famous and most important roads in Istanbul. Moreover, E-5 highway is considered the most well-known road in Istanbul as it links the two sides of the city from the European side to the Asian one. It traverses some of the most important areas of Istanbul, from Buyukcekmece, through Beylikduzu and Fatih, to the Asian section of Istanbul in transit over the famous Bosphorus. Thus, it plays a main role in reducing the traffic congestion.

roads in istanbul

2. Main road E-80:

Main road E-80 is considered one of the longest highways in the word with a total length of 6960 km. 

E-80 highway passes the entire continent of Europe from Lisbon, in the far west, to the Turkish village of Gorobolak in the far east. Thus, it links the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

3. Basin Ekspres road:

Basin Ekspres road is located in the Basin Ekspres region. It is one of the most prestigious regions in Istanbul on the European side. Moreover, the region is a preferred destination for the most important residential, commercial and service investments in Turkey.

The Basin Ekspres Istanbul highway connects TEM and E5 roads. Moreover, it is the main road that connects the Istanbul International Airport to the rest of the city.


Thus, in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we talked about the most important highways in Istanbul. It is worth noting that Ebla Real Estate provides the best real estate offers located on the most important highways of Istanbul. To own one of the best properties in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us.

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