Best Shopping Websites in Turkey

مواقع التسوق عبر الانترنت في تركيا

Best Shopping Websites in Turkey – Top Online Shopping Apps

Online shopping in Turkey became quite important despite the availability of products within the local markets. Moreover, online shopping has become more popular than ever. Thus, you may ask about the best online shopping websites in Turkey. In this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about the top online shopping apps in Turkey and the advantages of online shopping in Turkey.



An introduction:

Turkey, like other countries of the developed world, lives in the age of technology and speed. Thus, Shopping online in Turkey is one of the modern concepts of shopping, which gives the consumer a wide range of various options for different types of products, whether clothing, home furniture, electronic devices, and many other products.


The most important and best online shopping websites in Turkey:

Turkey has been distinguished by providing many e-shopping sites, among the best of them are:


n11 is one of the largest online shopping sites in Turkey. It provides offers for various products, whether clothes, electronics, household items, and other products. Moreover, it was able to provide special offers in terms of prices.

In addition, follows an approach that focuses on trust and convenience on the customer’s side, and cooperation and e-commerce development on the store’s side.

ألبسة محجبات في تركيا



Hepsiburada is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Turkey and the surrounding region. It provides over 50 million products in over 40 categories to their customers. Moreover, it offers an easy and simple shopping experience with competitive prices. Among its most important offers and products are clothing, furniture, home appliances and many other products.



Trendyol is the largest e-commerce platform in Turkey. Moreover, it is the most popular and reliable website for online shopping in Turkey. The good thing is that it is categorized according to the brand which facilitates your shopping experience. Furthermore, most of the time they offer great discounts and deals compared to other websites. In addition, this Turkish online website is famous for good deals from thousands of brands including electronics, clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and even groceries and ready meals delivered.

Best Shopping Websites in Turkey


Sooq Merkezi:

The first Arab market that includes various Turkish goods, which was launched from Turkey to Iraq. Moreover, it is the first online shopping site in Iraq. With the boom of the e-commerce market in Turkey, Sooq Merkezi began providing its services in Turkey as one of the first online shopping sites in Arabic in Turkey. It also provides mobile applications in Arabic to meet the requirements of foreigners in Turkey.

التجارة الالكترونية في تركيا



Amazon Turkey is a branch of the American company Amazon. It is one of the most popular and widespread online shopping sites in Turkey. It also offers many electronic services in Turkey as well as locally made Turkish products.



Gittigidiyor is one of Turkey’s leading e-commerce sites. This website is the equivalent of the famous website eBay. It offers a wide variety of products. Moreover, it deals with very competitive prices. Their delivery and payment services are reliable. 


Advantages of online shopping in Turkey:

  • Online shopping is the easiest way to shop from home.
  • Moreover, online shopping sites provide offers on prices for some products that cannot be found in regular stores.
  • Furthermore, it provides shoppers with full knowledge of the details about the needed product.
  • It also provides distinguished services to the clients, such as the product guarantee and the possibility of return.
  • Additionally, the ability to easily send and buy gifts and ship them to the address of the recipient.
  • Shopping online saves a lot of effort and trouble for customers.
  • In addition, customers can shop at any time without crowding.


Thus, we talked about the best online shopping websites in Turkey and the advantages of online shopping in Turkey.

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