Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey

Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey

Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey

There are 6 residence permit types in Turkey, regulated by Article 30 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. And in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about the humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey.


Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey


Humanitarian residence permit in Turkey:

The type of residence permit given to people who have to stay in the Republic of Turkey due to humanitarian reasons called a “humanitarian residence permit”. The article 46, 47 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and its subsequent regulation contains the basic conditions and rules regarding the humanitarian residence permit . 

Conditions for the humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey:

  • Where the best interest of the child is of concern.
  • Where, not withstanding a removal decision or ban on entering Turkey.
  • In the absence of a removal decision in respect of the foreigner Pursuant to Article 55.
  • Where there is a judicial appeal against the actions carried out pursuant to Articles 53,72 and 77.
  • Throughout the removal actions of the applicant to the first country of asylum or to a safe third country.
  • In cases when foreigners have to enter and stay in Turkey, due to emergency or in view of the protection of the national interests as well as reasons of public order and security, in the absence of the possibility to obtain one from the other types of residence permits due to their situation that precludes granting a residence permit.
  • A foreigner who has been subjected to psychological, physical, or sexual violence, until the stages of the treatment are complete and a foreigner who proves that he will be subjected to torture or any inhuman act in his country.
  • People who receive partial support because they are victims of human trafficking.
  • In addition, in extraordinary circumstances, a humanitarian residence permit may be issued.


Documents required to apply for the humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey:

  1. Passport/copy of it.
  2. Entry visa to Turkey.
  3. Proof of residential address “a rental contract certified by the Noter office.”
  4. Marriage contract and children’s birth certificates “translated and certified by Notre” if the request is for a family.
  5. 4 personal photos for each person in the residency file.
  6. Pay a financial fee of about 110 TL.
  7. Application form for obtaining humanitarian residence in Turkey.

Duration of humanitarian residence in Turkey:

The humanitarian residence is a type of residence permits in Turkey, granted or renewed with a maximum duration of one year at a time by the governorates subject to the approval of the Ministry.

Advantages of a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey:

  • There is no need to take a prior appointment to apply for humanitarian residence in Turkey.
  • Moreover, the holder of humanitarian residency in Turkey can replace it with any residency except permanent residency.
  • Live and work in Turkey legally.
  • Children’s right to education in public schools.
  • Open a bank account at any Turkish bank.
  • Conduct official transactions and procedures legally.
  • In addition to the possibility to enter Turkey at any time.
  • Furthermore, holders of a student residence permit in Turkey can travel between Turkish cities without a travel permit.

Humanitarian Residence Permit in Turkey


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