Student residence permit in Turkey

Student residence permit in Turkey

Student residence permit in Turkey

All international students, regardless of their status, are required to apply for the student residence permit within three months upon their arrival in Turkey. Therefore, in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will provide a guide on the student residence permit in Turkey.


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Student residence permit in Turkey:

Student residence in Turkey is an official residence document, granted to foreign students, to pursue studies and educational attainment in one of the universities and institutes of Turkey. Thus, the Student Residence Permit gives students the right to stay in Turkey during the study period. 

It is worth noting that from the date of application within 30 days, students must complete the documents and submit them to the International Student and Staff Affairs (ISSA-OFFICE). Those who have missing documents will be given 7 days to complete them. Furthermore, those who do not complete the documents within the time period must submit their documents to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

Documents required to apply for the student residence permit in Turkey:

  1. The student document (Ogrenci Belgisi).
  2. Copies of the: Passport, Visa/ Entry Stamp.
  3. Tax number, issued by the IRS.
  4. Online Residence Permit Application Form.
  5. (4) photos (biometric).
  6. Original Valid Health Insurance Policy / Original Geçerli Sağlık Sigorta Policy.
  7. The payment receipt (Residence Permit Card fee) from the Tax Office.
  8. Address declaration.
  9. There might be extra documents requested by the Immigration Office.

Student residence permit in Turkey

Conditions for the student residence permit:

  • Submission of documents and information indicating the purpose of the applicant’s residence in Turkey.
  • Provide information on the address of residence in Turkey.
  • The applicant shall not be mentioned in Article 7 of the Foreigner Act, namely:
    • People who do not have a passport or document on their behalf, people who do not have a visa or visa exemption, or who have forged such documents.
    • People who do not have a valid passport for at least 60 days from the date of expiration of the visa, visa exemption, or residence permit.
    • People prohibited from entering Turkey.


Advantages of a student residence permit in Turkey:

  • Live in Turkey legally throughout the study period.
  • Open a bank account at any Turkish bank.
  • Conduct official transactions and procedures legally.
  • The possibility to enter Turkey at any time. 
  • Moreover, the student obtains a student transportation card and benefits from discounts.
  • Furthermore, holders of a student residence permit can travel between Turkish cities without a travel permit.


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