What are the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship?

apply for Turkish citizenship

What are the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship?

One of the fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is through investment, and real estate investment is the most prominent of those investments. Therefore, in this article from Ebla Real Estate, we will talk about the documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship and the most important conditions to obtain it.



Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property:

  • The buyer must be one of the nationalities entitled to buy a property in Turkey, as the Turkish law allows foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, with the exception of citizens of 4 countries, allows Syria, Cuba, North Korea, and Armenia, in accordance with the law of reciprocity.
  • The investors also should invest 400.000 $ or more in real estate in Turkey or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Moreover, the property buyer must commit not to sell the property for a period of three years from the moment of purchase.
  • The area of ​​the purchased property should not exceed more than 10% of the area of ​​the region.
  • The property to be purchased also should not be near sensitive military facilities.
  • Furthermore, the investors most obtain the real estate appraisal report from an approved real estate company in Turkey.
  • Registering the property officially in the Title Deed Department (the Land Registry).
  • Additionally, the specified value of the property must be paid by bank transfer.
  • Purchase of property from a Turkish national or a Turkish construction company.

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Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship:

Knowing the required papers for Turkish citizenship is a necessity for investors wishing to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment. These papers are as follows:

  1. Copy of the title deed – Tapu, which is the official and legal document that proves ownership of the property. It is considered the most important document to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment, as it includes detailed information about the property and its current owner.
  2. Real estate appraisal document.
  3. Passport copies of all family members, as the law allows a person who owns a property worth 400.000$ and wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship, to include his family in his naturalization file, which is the wife and children under the age of 18.
  4.  Family book or family statement translated and certified.
  5. A clearance document of judgment for the investor and his wife.
  6. 2 recent photographs of all family members.
  7. Receipts of the amounts paid for the property stamped from the bank through which the money was sent. This is a prerequisite for applying for Turkish citizenship.
  8. Receipts received by the seller of the property, or the “construction company,” stamped from the transmitting bank.
  9. In addition to the application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property.


Ebla real estate services:

Ebla real estate provides legal and real estate services in Turkey. Moreover, Ebla offers the best real estate which meet the criteria for obtaining Turkish citizenship in vital areas in Turkey. Further, Ebla Real Estate guarantees clients to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. In addition, Ebla Real Estate, follows up on the naturalization file, starting with the purchase of real estate, up to obtaining citizenship and receiving the Turkish identity.

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